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May 27, 2015

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ModemDoctor for WindowsYour source for reviews, information and software for communication devices ModemDoctor NewsDid you try the Windows Update? (4-10-2014)I updated two of my machines to patches mentioned below. Both machines continued to have issues with Wireless N/G networks but are working fine when only on an N network alone. I guess we will have to wait a bit longer for a fix. If you have had success or any other suggestions, drop me a note at 8.1 Update due to be released April 8thMicrosoft is releasing what is called "update 1" for Windows 8.1. Unfortunately I did not see any mention of repairing the wireless issue that has been documented on so many forums including Microsoft's and others. The update is supposed to include "keyboard friendly" updates and more mouse controls. This should help people who bought new computers but did not pay for touch screens. Without a touchscreen, it can be challenging to navigate the interface. WPCentral's website has additonal information. Click here for that article.

A truce with Windows 8.1 and 802.11n I found a way to solve my low speed and lockup issues with wifi on my Windows 8.1 machines. Click on the News Feed and select Latest News Article.Newsfeeds and News ArticlesWe've added a new Newsfeed page that will contain information on data communications, tips and references to where you can find information on the web. Access from the menu by clicking on Newsfeed.TravelClock 2.0 updated features The new version of TravelClock is available for downloading here. Itcomes with a sleep timer, alarm function, allows you to pick any alarm sound, and save up to 10 favorite internet radio station in a push-button interface. It's free for non-commercial use. Yes, you can do this stuff on a phone, but if you are travelling with your laptop, you get more functions than any phone app, a real clock with alarm (and no annyoying banner commercials).

What is ModemDoctor?Since 1987, Modem Doctor has been the premier modem/uart system utility for MS-DOS, Windows, and Windows 95.Modem Doctor helps you find and correct many common configuration and installation errors. Using a simple menu-driven interface, even a novice can troubleshoot and repair over 60 different installation or setup problems with modems and uarts.Since each operating system places different demands on modems, each version of Modem Doctor is designed to work in conjunction with its environment. The DOS version interrogates serial ports, interrupt controllers, and uarts at the system board level while the Win31 and Win95 versions are designed to check Windows settings and proper communication between your modem/serial ports and the system comm driverView our software with the Downloads button. Check out on-line reviews and other features by clicking on the navigation buttons at the left edge of the screen.