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Serial Port UtilityYour source for reviews, information and software for communication devices ModemDoctor NewsThings are getting pretty congested.Wandering most convention centers, you seem to have no connectivity. Well, with everyone running their own wireless, there is no wonder. Blocking in HotelsTwo companies fined, one significantly to 6 figures for alleged blocking of private wifi in their facilities. More at this is frustratingYou can see wifi 5ghz networks all around you, but your device still connects to 2ghz services which are very congested and much slower. What can you do? Well, really nothing. If the SSID's are the same, it seems almost every device out there prefers 2ghz over 5ghz. However there is a trick or two you can do. First, if its your home network, name each wireless frequency differently. Home-2 and Home-5 for example. That way you can find it quickly and make sure you connect to it everytime. Second, tweak your driver settings (Network And Sharing Center-> Click on Connections->Properties->Configure->Advanced). If you are lucky, there will be either a choice to use 2ghz, 5ghz or both, or some setting for Roaming that perfers Optimize Bandwidth over Optimze distance. The latter setting worked for me...well most of the time. The real answer is to get administrators to use different SSID names. With all the congestion, its the only thing to do until driver manufacturers allow for an easy way to select 2ghz vs 5ghz networks.Cutting the Cord?If you are, you need an all-band (low Vhf, hi Vhf, ufh) antenna either for outdoors or indoors. Indoor reception works great with the right antenna. Here is some good info from Consumer reports.Windows 10 - Spyware?Maybe too strong because you can change your privacy settings, but this is a very revealing article. Perhaps in our zeal to have an easy operating system with a voice recognition intelligence we are opening up all of our contacts, emails and other personal information to operating systems and big data scrubbers. Network world has the details.Fines for Blocking Wi-Fi at Convention CentersThis has happened to me both at Conventions and in some hotels that charge for internet. The FCC is now cracking down with fines for those who block service. The story can be found here.You can't believe everything you read on-lineI think we all know that, but now its possible for someone to plant a device in a public wifi to tweak/distort the news you read. See more in this Computerworld article.Does everything need to be hooked up to the internet?Turning on lights from your phone, checking who is at your door with an app and camera, sometimes all of this seems a bit overdone. But that's the Internet of Things or IoT as you see on the web. Still somethings look fascinating, like a propsosal for smart buildings. You can find some insight at How the Internet of Things will enable smart buildings.Do you know your Wireless Router Password?If you don't, chances are you've never changed it. This is one of the easiest hacks into your home network and it can be used to launch Denial of Service attacks using your equipment without your knowledge. I go to extremes and I use my own DNS server and own DHCP independent of the router/ internet provider just to secure things more. Read this article about Your Wireless Network's Soft Underbelly.New Universal VGA to HDMI Adapter (with Audio) announcedThis device claims to be able to take VGA video, embed audio, and make it HDMI compliant to newer monitors and displays. This could solve a whole range of issues with older computers and newer monitors plus adapt devices like Cable boxes that have VGA or DVI connectors and allow for the audio to be carried to the TV receiver. (DVI connector would require a DVI to VGA adapater). See more at the Belkin Website.Extend your house network without using wirelessI've had mixed luck using powerline adapters, especially in older homes with so much "spider wiring". Newer homes seem to work better because there is more point-to-point or zone wiring. This adapter by Extollo is getting really good reviews. Check out one on the Extollo 1500 Power Line Adapter Kit.Use your Xbox One controller on your PCSounds like a no-brainer to me. I've never been a fan of PC controllers anyway. This new $25 device will link your Xboc One to your PC for gaming when you upgrade to Windows 10.Hacking your car? Not as far-fetched as you thinkLooking at all the new shiny electronics in cars these days makes me wonder if we buy cars now for performance, reliability, gas mileage or gadgets? Looking at recent ads on TV it sure appears to be the latter. Do you know your car could be hacked through your wifi connection? This and 9 other hacks you should be paranoid about are in this article Be paranoid: 10 terrifying extreme hacks.PC Gaming is alive, kicking and growingNew hardware announcements for video cards, a slow console market and services like Steam are driving the comeback in PC Gaming computers. E3 is shaping up to be a showcase for this technology. More at PC Gaming technology on display at E3.Microsoft getting ready to sell Surface hubA few years ago, Microsoft bought Han Perceptive Pixel (maker of multi-touch video displays for TV stations and high end board rooms. They've added a few features and are set to release the Surface Hub, which will contain all those features, white-boarding and lots more. Starting at $7k, topping off at $20k, they will no doubt start popping up all over offices. Read more at Microsoft Hub to go on sale in September.Sony PS4 beats XBOX One in sales...or so says SONYWithout revealing any sources of its data, SONY says the PS4 topped XBOX one in sales. In April, the XBOX one sales were tops. Game console sales are shrinking and I'm no expert on this, but it seems games and the online aspect are driving gaming computing more than gaming consoles. Read more about this and some of the items like Oculus coming to these consoles soon at SONY says it tops Microsoft in Console Sales.Are you ready for Thunderbolt 3?Thunderbolt offers some impressive transfer speeds in the USB 3.1 mode, but even faster between Thunderbolt devices. Protypes show both Thunderbolt and USB connectors so speeds using USB 3.1 are limited to about 1/4 those of Thunderbolt....but that still is 10gbs. Intel is expected to release Thunderbolt 3 by the end of 2015. More on this link Thunderbolt 3 supports USB 3.1.Siri vs CortanaPersonally, I have a hard time talking to a phone or pad as a person, although you can get some hysterical laughs at times. The interfaces are getting very sophisticated and now in this Macworld article, Apple is pushing Siri's capabilities even more. Follow this link to the How Siri will push ahead in OS9.3.5Ghz WiFi is coming...but there are issues.The FCC is trying to prevent issues between the new LTE-U cellular standard, WiFi devices and licensed users in the 3.5ghZ band. The FCC made this band for "innovation". There also is the potential of interference to "C-Band" Satellite dishes that carry many cable and broadcast network distribution signals. More on this can be found on this link to the FCC Proposal of rule making. Windows 10 Update coming soon...sign up with Microsoft to download for free.Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 via download for any registered users of Windows 7 or 8. I got a popup message that displayed on my Windows 8 machine and then in a few days got confirmation from Microsoft of the update. Hopefully after backing up everything on my system, the install will go easily. Time will tell.Microsoft working on hassle-free Wifi public access.Wifi was just installed in the home and she is now suffering with headaches perperation and jaw pain. More on this can be found on this link Microsoft working on hassle-free wifi system.Woman says Wi-Fi is making her sick.Wifi was just installed in the home and she is now suffering with headaches perperation and jaw pain. More on this can be found on this link Woman Claims WiFI is making her sick.Airplane wifi may not be secure.Passengers could be open for hackers on board to attack your devices while in flight. More on this can be found on this link Wifi Hacks while in-flight may open you up for attacks.Newsfeeds and News ArticlesWe've added a new Newsfeed page that will contain information on data communications, tips and references to where you can find information on the web. Access from the menu by clicking on Newsfeed.What is ModemDoctor?Since 1987, Modem Doctor has been the premier modem/uart system utility for MS-DOS, Windows, and Windows 95.Modem Doctor helps you find and correct many common configuration and installation errors. Using a simple menu-driven interface, even a novice can troubleshoot and repair over 60 different installation or setup problems with modems and uarts.Since each operating system places different demands on modems, each version of Modem Doctor is designed to work in conjunction with its environment. The DOS version interrogates serial ports, interrupt controllers, and uarts at the system board level while the Win31 and Win95 versions are designed to check Windows settings and proper communication between your modem/serial ports and the system comm driverView our software with the Downloads button. Check out on-line reviews and other features by clicking on the navigation buttons at the left edge of the screen.